Any home with multiple levels has stairs. Stairs come in all sizes, types and styles, and Handyman Matters are the true experts in all repair, upgrade and installation projects.

We want to ensure your home is safe and beautiful all at the same time. We have the expertise to identify areas to address for safety, but also can guide you on aesthetic upgrades to make your stairs something to be proud of!

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Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean that we don’t do it! Check the list below or give us a call for more answers, 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

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Stair Repair

Stair and hand rail repairs are tasks that cannot be ignored and left unattended to. Damaged stairs or loose hand rails can easily cause accidents and falls, resulting in injury.

Call Handyman Matters today so we can repair those areas of your stairs.

  • Repair/Replace Loose or worn Treads and Riser
  • Repair/Replace Loose or worn Hand Rails
  • Check and tighten loose nails or screws
  • Upgrade/Replace spindles or ballusters
  • And more…

Call us today, we can help!

Stair Fitter

Stair Fitter is a full service stair and flooring service specializing in solid wood stair overlay. Transform carpeted, worn, or outdated stairs in just days. With endless style and design options, our stair experts aim to make the staircase of your dreams a reality. Our fully customizable products and installation system ensure a quick, clean, and dramatic transformation.

Learn more about Stair Fitter by clicking here.