We love our pets at Handyman Matters, and we know you love yours too! We've completed thousands of pet related projects around the home: everything from installing pet doors to trim repair to fence installation – and everything in between.

Our multi-skilled Craftsmen are ready to help make your home more pet-friendly, both for you and your pet! Call us today.

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Projects For Pets
Projects For Pets
Related Services

Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean that we don’t do it! Check the list below or give us a call for more answers, 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

Related Packages
Dog Door Installation

The most popular of our pet-friendly handyman services is dog door installation. We have partnered with Hale Pet Door to offer high-quality pet doors combined with professional installation by our experienced Craftsmen.

Already have a dog door picked out? No problem! Just give us a call to make sure it gets installed correctly the first time – and enjoy your dog's new-found freedom.

We have installed dog doors in screens, sliding glass doors, windows, wood doors, walls, and more. Anything from simple to custom is possible, just give us a call.

Fence Installation & Repair

A reliable and sturdy fence is important for pet's safety. Fence repair and fence installation is something we at Handyman Matters do all the time. A new fence will keep your pet in and other critters out, as well as giving you privacy and peace of mind.

Trim Repair

Most animals love to chew, and we commonly find our beloved pets using trim as a chew toy. Has your dog outgrown the need to chew on everything? You can finally repair that trim and moulding without worrying about it getting damaged again.

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