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Why Choose Us

Maintain Your Home with Dependable Handyman Services in Jacksonville, FL

It always seems that the number of items on a homeowner’s to-do list exceeds the amount of time available. Rather than skip items on your list because you just don’t have the time, take advantage of the attention to detail and skill offered by our dependable handyman services in Jacksonville, FL. Our team is ready to professionally tackle any chore around your home, inside or out. At Handyman Matters of Jacksonville, we treat every customer and home with the highest level of respect and care.

Top to Bottom Coverage

Our team of highly trained handymen draws upon a vast skill set to handle any job you need to be accomplished. Our employees are as easily capable of doing intricate finish carpentry as they are of undertaking exterior remodeling of your home or handling a plumbing repair. If your property needs a job done right, we can handle it. You will get satisfaction along with peace of mind because we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Working for You

The traditional model of home repair was that you would call a tradesperson and then wait until they can fit you into their schedule. If that meant sitting at home watching the clock and waiting, that’s what you would do. Those days are long gone when you choose our home maintenance services.

Our flexible and convenient booking service means you benefit from professional repairs and upgrade work on a schedule that works well for you, rather than the other way around -- no more fretting that the day is flying by and you are still waiting. We show up when we say that we will.

Our system allows you to get multiple jobs done in one day, even if they are big tasks. Need flooring installation along with painting? That’s okay because we offer half-day and full-day packages which allow you to get those jobs completed by booking any combination of our services. Our employees work quickly and efficiently, so your job is done in no time, and you know it’s done right.

Packages that Meet Your Needs

Not only do we offer packages which cover a large portion of the day, but we also provide ones which are tailored to specific tasks around your home. In addition to our carpentry services, you can call upon us for packages like:

  • Mounting a TV
  • Fire Prevention
  • Pet Door
  • Accent Wall
  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Smart Blinds
  • Energy Saving
  • Organization and Shelving
  • Outdoor Tune-Up

Contact us to book our services today. We proudly serve customers in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area.