You just got that brand-new TV, and now the family can't wait to watch their favorite movie. Now comes the hard part, how to get this mounted for the best viewing experience. Can you do it yourself? Maybe.

Can Handyman Matters do it for you and do it professionally? Definitely!

Package Time Estimate: 2-3 Hours

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  • Saves Space.
  • Adds to your rooms d├ęcor. Sleek look!
  • Allows for optimal viewing angle.

Mount a TV Package

TV Mounting by our professionals ensures the job is done right, allowing you to enjoy your favorites shows and movies. Our Craftsman will ensure the TV is securely mounted, level, and hung to your liking. We also can hide cords and cables.

Our experienced Craftsmen know how to get this job done without causing any damage to your walls, leaving just a beautiful TV in the perfect spot!

What You Get:

  • Professional Installation & TV Mount
  • Assembly of mount (if needed)
  • Attach all cables & connections
  • Install a U-Channel* to hide order for aesthetic purposes.
Mount a TV Package

Additional Options:

  • Installation of Surround Sound Components
  • Connecting Bluetooth Capability
  • Hiding of cords inside the wall**
  • Handyman Matters can purchase mount & materials on your behalf***
Terms & Conditions

Not all packages are available at all locations.

Estimated Time: All jobs vary, on average this package will require approximately 2-3 hours of time.

Qualifications & Restrictions:
Your local office will assist you when booking to provide an accurate cost and time estimate. Pricing can vary by locally owned and operated Franchise location, and is dependent on a number of factors. Job and project needs will be assessed during the phone consultation as well as onsite with the homeowner and Craftsman. Service Call charge and materials may be additional charges.

Contact your local office for length of Warranty that applies on labor and materials we purchase on your behalf. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited.

Customer Responsible for:

  • Ensuring wall where TV to be mounted is clear and an outlet is in close enough proximity to power the TV with the cords provided by the customer.
  • A 2nd appointment may be needed for electrical work. If needed.
  • Purchasing correct mount & bracket or the TV to be mounted.
  • Purchasing the correct cables & wires for the TV to be mounted.

Additional Info:
*Product used will be discussed with customer and an option chose to fit the needs.
**Not available in all locations. Contact your local office to check for availability.
***Handyman Matters can purchase the mount on your behalf, additional cost will be discussed with your local office. Standard warranty per office locations will apply to all materials purchased on your behalf.
****For larger sized TV's, the job may require additional time and Craftsman, and incur additional costs.