With busy schedules, it's all too easy to ignore fire safety, specifically in the kitchen where most home fires start. At Handyman Matters our main goal is to increase the safety for you and your family, by helping ensure you have time to escape if the unthinkable happens.

Package Time Estimate: Varies - Typically an hour

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  • Fire Departments responded to an average of 466 home cooking fires per day in 2011 – 2015
  • 62% of home fires involved ranges or cooktops and 87% of the cooking fire deaths and 73% of direct property damage.
    *Source: NFPA.org

Kitchen Fire Safety Package

Handyman Matters will professionally install two essential systems allowing you, your family, and pets additional time to avoid lethal smoke inhalation and escape your home in the event of a kitchen fire.

  1. Fire Suppression System
    Suppression is triggered by the heat of a fire. Heat causes the system to douse the fire with non-toxic dry chem to suppress and minimize the fire.

  2. Stove Shut-Off System
    Stove shut-off is triggered when your smoke detector goes off, with the product cutting power or gas to your stove.

Both are key to preventing and minimizing the effects of a fire starting on or near the stove, cooktop or range.

What You Get:

  • Professional Installation of a Fire Suppression System above your stovetop
  • Professional Installation of a Stove Shut-off system behind your current stove
  • Kitchen Fire Extinguisher & Mounting
  • Clean-up after the job – removal of all dust and drywall material.
Kitchen Fire Safety Package

Additional Options:

  • Assess Detectors around the home
  • Additional Fire Extinguishers & Mounting
  • Outdoor Grill Clean & Assess
  • Exterior Leaf, Shrub and Limb Removal
  • Home Fire Safety Assessment*
Terms & Conditions

Estimated Time: All jobs are unique and will vary. Your local office will assist you when booking a job to provide an accurate cost & time estimate. For any additional options listed, check with your local office.

Qualifications & Restrictions:

Pricing can vary by locally owned and operated Franchise location and is dependent on a number of factors. Job and project needs will be assessed during the phone consultation as well as onsite with the homeowner and craftsman. Service Call charge and materials may be additional charges.

*Handyman Matters will review key areas of the home to increase Fire Prevention & Home Safety. Any work identified during the Assessment will be discussed and estimated with the homeowner prior to any work being completed. Homeowner is not obligated to use Handyman Matters for any work identified during the Home Fire Safety Assessment.

Contact your local office for length of Warranty that applies on labor and materials we purchase on your behalf. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited.

Valid at Participating Locations Only. Contact our office for details.