Making sure that your home is safe and secure is one of the most important things a homeowner can do. Adding security and safety measures around your home can offer the peace of mind that you want for you family. You put a lot of hard work and love into your home, and you don't want that taken from you. The majority of break-ins happen during the day, but it is important that your home is secure at all times.

Whether it's installing the latest video monitoring or updating your doors, let the Craftsmen at Handyman Matters ensure your home is safe.

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Home Security
Home Security
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Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean that we don’t do it! Check the list below or give us a call for more answers, 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

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Home Security Installation & Products

We want your home, your family and your pets to be safe at all times. The Craftsman at Handyman Matters can install the newest home safety technologies and products for you. Home security systems are becoming more of a common household commodity, and having one does wonders for putting your mind at ease. What most homeowners don't consider though are the brave bad guys who don't mind an alarm and still have about 2 minutes to wreak havoc.

Most break-ins start at the front door.  They can be easy to kick down and enter through as opposed to a window. The Craftsman at Handyman Matters specialize in installing different home security products to help prevent your home from becoming a target. Some of the products we install are:

  • Nest
  • Door Devil
  • Wireless Window Alarms
  • And More!