Whether you're a new homeowner or have enjoyed creating memories in your home for years– there's always a mounting list of work to be done. Now it's as easy as ever to get it done with 4 hours of professional handyman services!

Package Time Estimate: 4 Hours

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Half Day Package

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What You Get:

  • Four (4) hours of professional handyman services
  • Quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Trained and multi-skilled Craftsman
Half Day Package

Additional Options:

  • Room Upgrade – Repair small drywall holes in a room* + Paint one Interior Room*** + Replace/Install a fixture or Shelf**.
  • Powder Room Refresh -Remove and install combined sink/countertop/faucet(1) + replace fixtures(2) + remove and install a new toilet(3).
Terms & Conditions

Not all packages are available at all locations.

Estimated Time: Your local office will assist you when booking a job to provide an accurate cost & time estimate to provide what can be accomplished using four hours of labor. For additional options listed, all jobs are unique and will vary, however, for the average home, the Room Upgrade Package and Powder Room Refresh Package will each require 4 hours of time.

Qualifications & Restrictions:
Pricing can vary by locally owned and operated Franchise location, and is dependent on a number of factors. Typically includes one Craftsman and four hours of professional labor. Job and project needs will be assessed during the phone consultation as well as onsite with the homeowner and Craftsman. Service Call charge and materials may be additional charges.

Contact your local office for length of Warranty that applies on labor and materials we purchase on your behalf. Cannot be combined with other offers. Four hour blocks must be used in one trip. Void where prohibited.

*Drywall repair. Small to moderately-sized drywall jobs as determined by onsite Craftsman. Repairs include spackling, sanding, and smoothing of drywall.
**Replace and install single fixture or shelf. Fixture is defined as either a light fixture, ceiling fan, or ceiling fan with a light kit. Installation site must have pre-wire. Craftsman will determine if proper wiring in place prior to install.
***Painting interior room. Interior room refers to room up to 10'x12' in size. Customer is responsible for clearing room of furniture, light fixtures, outlet covers, and switch plates prior to Craftsman's arrival on site.
¹ Craftsman will identify proper installation while on-site. Does not include vanity, cabinets, or flooring.
² Powder room fixtures and hardware materials NOT included. Price reflects installation of single towel ring, towel bar, and toilet-paper dispenser.
³ Toilet NOT included.