Your home's garage offers up so many uses. A place to keep your cars out of the elements, storage for all of your family's "stuff", a place for the work bench and tools, or simply an area to hang sporting equipment and bikes.

Let Handyman Matters help you love your garage today! Our Craftsman are very well equipped to complete a number of services to make your garage a true asset for you and your home. We can even help organize that garage, now who doesn't need that!

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Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean that we don’t do it! Check the list below or give us a call for more answers, 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

Related Packages
Garage Organization & Storage

The garage is a favorite place for many to store various household items as well as all of your tools and gardening equipment. However, most are not too well organized, making it hard to find that one tool you need at the time you need it.

Our Craftsmen are experts at organizing your garage by:

  • Installing Shelving and wire racking
  • Installing Bike Racks
  • Building a work bench
  • Hauling away Junk and other items creating clutter
  • Maybe it's time to mount a TV!
Garage Floor Seal

Typically, the concrete floor of the garage takes a ton of abuse. With all kinds of dirt, mud, tire marks, salt and other items that are drug in, it does not take long for stains to appear and crud to accumulate.

With Handyman Matters help, we can help make maintenance and cleaning of your floors a breeze, while adding a bit of beauty and elegance to your garage.

  • Hypoxy Sealing with decorative colors and flakes
  • Application of sealers to minimize water damage.
  • Floor Painting.

Call today for application help from Handyman Matters.

Garage Door Opener Install

Garage door openers are a necessity for any homeowner with a garage. The ease and simplicity of pushing a button from the comfort of your car is a modern-day luxury we all enjoy.

Our professional Craftsman installs and replaces garage door openers. We work with you to understand the type you need and want, and our experts conduct an quality install.


Keeping your garage as cool as you can in the summer and retaining as much warmth is the winter is important for all homeowners. Its about maintaining as much comfort as possible. Our Craftsman will help maintain as much temperature comfort in your garage by adding insulation. With non-invasive blow-in insulation, it's a breeze!

Lighting Installation

We all have that area of the garage we wish we could see better, it's always just a bit too dark. Or when we decide to use our garage for a work area, we really want a brighter illumination.

Handyman Matters can install new fixtures, upgrade your current light and fluorescent lighting to bright up your garage!

We can even help with the exterior lighting for your garage. From simple upgrades or repairs to existing lights, to installation of flood lights and motion sensors, we have you covered.