Windows are one of the most important areas of your home. While letting in beautiful natural light, they can allow noise into the home as well cause heat loss. Installing inserts on the interior of windows for insulation and noise reduction purposes solves this, while retaining the benefit of allowing natural light to shine into your home.

Package Time Estimate: Varies

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  • Block up to 50% - 70% of the noise coming through your windows.
  • Provide savings of up to 20%. Double-pane window efficiency at a much lower cost.
  • Improve comfort by blocking cold drafts & hot summer air.

Why Window Inserts?

Save money, gain comfort and reduce noise. Call us today to see how easy it is to get custom fit Indow Window inserts for your home, professionally installed!

  • Laser measurement for a custom fit every time!
  • Double-pane performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • Lightweight for easy removal and re-install.
  • Virtually invisible and ideal for historic window frames.
  • Homeowners keep existing windows. No hassle or cost of a window replacement.
  • Preserve your windows. Perfect for those that love their current windows! (historic, old, beautiful, part of the home)

What You Get:

  • Step #1*: Professional & Accurate Measurement of All Windows
    • Our Craftsman are equipped with a Laser Measurement Kit for accuracy!
    • We assess all of the windows frames to ensure there are no other issues to prohibit a perfect fit.
  • Step #2**: Install Window Inserts
    • We provide professional installation of your custom-fit inserts.
    • After install, we will educate you on how to remove/re-insert as needed, as well as how to clean.
Energy Saving & Noise Reduction Package

Additional Options:

Acoustic grade Indow Window inserts are available specifically designed to minimize and block out noise. Perfect for homes located on main roadways, train-lines and in airplane flight patterns. Also, great for Nurseries.

Terms & Conditions

Estimated Time: All jobs are unique and will vary. Costs and times are completely dependent on the number of windows requiring an Indow Window Installation. Your local office will assist you when booking your job to provide an accurate cost and time estimate.

Qualifications & Restrictions:
Pricing can vary by locally owned and operation Franchise location, and is dependent on a number of factors that will be assessed during the phone consultation as well as onsite with the homeowner and craftsman. Inserts are designed for Interior Windows only.

*The Craftsman will assess the window to ensure no other repairs or needs are present. Upon assessment, Craftsman uses a special laser measurement tool for complete accuracy.
**Craftsman will install the custom made Indow Window insert professionally to ensure proper fit.

Odd sized windows and any with special geometric shapes will require additional time and cost. Craftsman will communicate this on the job site. Any windows requiring a ladder to access may require additional cost and time as well.

Contact your local office for length of Warranty. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Valid at participating locations only. Contact our office for details.