Kitchen Remodel – Go Big or Go Small?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association tells us that the average kitchen remodel comes in at about $57,000.  That’s a lot of money, no matter how you look at it.  Here are two things to consider:  (1)  How do you make sure you’ll get the most out of an expensive redo, and (2)  What are some ways to give your kitchen a face-lift without spending a fortune?

Any big kitchen remodel should stand the test of time. Avoid fads. Certain fixtures and colors are popular in the short-term, but they’re this year’s trend, and may be out of fashion in a matter of several months. Design experts agree that white is the one color that endures, because it creates an open and airy environment and because it pairs well with everything. It regularly tops the list of most popular kitchen colors. White appliances, in fact, outsell all others. It’s a standard color for manufacturers of all products, making it easy—and affordable—to find things like cupboards, counters, and tile to match the room’s decor.

When you consider a remodel, whether to sell your home is probably the last thing on your mind, but nevertheless, every redo should be undertaken with an eye towards just how long you plan to remain in your home. Because white remains popular as a decorative element, it has inherent marketability, and will give your house added appeal at re-sale, when you do decide to sell your home.

Are you contemplating giving your kitchen a face-lift, but don’t have the budget for a complete remodel? There are a number of economical “tricks” you can employ to give the appearance that you’ve completed a much bigger redo than you actually did.

  • Change out your cabinets or just the cabinet doors.
  • Add crown molding or decorative trim along the walls.
  • Installing new light fixtures or task lighting is a great way to give your room an updated appearance while remaining within a budget.
  • Replace old hardware with a new sink or fixtures, drawer handles or pulls.
  • How about new window treatments?
  • And quartz-type counter tops or ones made from white concrete are distinctive, versatile and eye-catching.
  • Other, more cost-effective options, include sanding and re-staining cabinets, adding new tile back-splashes or applying a simple coat of paint to the walls.

Any of these choices will give your kitchen a distinctive new look.

Need help with your redo, either large or small?  Call 1(866)FIX-MY-HOME or enter your zip code at to find the office nearest you.

5 Affordable Kitchen Renovations We Love

Thinking about updating your kitchen but don’t want to spend the money on a total overhaul?  Handyman Matters believes even the smallest addition to your home can have a large impact.  Here are our favorite affordable renovations, that will update the look and feel of your kitchen…

Add A Built-in Bench

No space for a full dining room in your kitchen? Or, is there a small corner with a lot of light?  Breakfast is what starts your day.  Get a positive start by having a cozy spot to enjoy coffee and the paper with your favorite loved ones.  A casual and affordable addition to your home, and you can even build one DIY!

Remove Your Blinds

Natural light, especially in your dining room, is a housing luxury.  Take advantage of the long summer days by allowing in as much daylight as possible.  Removing your window coverings will instantly light up any room.

DIY Kitchen Island

You can never have enough counter space in the kitchen.  Islands in the kitchen provide extra space and also extra storage.  Create one on a budget by modifying a small table.  A bright coat of paint, and added hangers are the perfect additions.

Inner Cabinet Additions

It’s easy to lose things like measuring cups and other smaller utensils in drawers.  Modify your cabinets to have easy-access hanging areas for your regularly used cooking materials.  A coat of chalkboard paint on the interior is also a fun way to keep track of measurement conversions, grocery lists, or cooking notes.

Install New Lights

Nothing can instantly face-lift a room quite like adding new lighting fixtures.  Adding a sleek, mid century inspired light, in a contrasting color to the rest of your kitchen will create a great point of interest.

Not all kitchen remodels need to be expensive, or even a full overhaul.  Adjusting the details of your kitchen can do a lot to bring your space into this century.  For assistance in your next home improvement project – give Handyman Matters a call 866-FIX-MY-HOME!

Thanksgiving Kitchen Hacks That Will Have You Giving Thanks

Is your kitchen conducive to cooking a holiday meal?  November through the New Year is typically when a storm of guests visit and dinners are enjoyed.  The sheer volume of everything is what catches most kitchens off guard.  Will the turkey fit in your oven?  If you run two appliances at once, will your fuse short-circuit?

Cooking requires a surprising amount of prep space, especially if you’re cooking multiple courses at a time.  Make sure you have enough kitchen resources to get your through the holidays.  Here are a few Thanksgiving kitchen hacks to help get you there…

Get an over the sink cutting board

Save counter space by overlapping your cutting board and your sink!

Hang pots and pans from the ceiling

Why sacrifice your cabinets when you can hang your pots from the ceiling like a chef?

Pot Hanger in Kitchen

Add temporary shelves

Another Thanksgiving kitchen hack is adding temporary stainless steel shelf as extra storage space for the holiday.

Kitchen Shelving

Install a kitchen island

With temporary or permanent island additions, you can increase the counter and storage space in your kitchen.Rolling Kitchen Island

Install extra, easy-access outlets

You’re going to be using a lot of appliances, make sure they have a convenient outlet to pug into.

Repair or replace your garbage disposal

A free flowing sink during food preparation is essential.  A clogged sink can seriously inhibit your ability to defrost a turkey, clean dishes, or to keep a clean kitchen.

Make sure your garbage disposal is prepared for leftovers and heavy use.

Increase the size of your sink

A lot of company means a lot of dishes.  Having a larger sink will help you get through cleanup quicker!

Large Kitchen Sink

Here at Handyman Matters, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays.  Enjoy your guests and your home to it’s fullest by making sure you are fully prepared and ready for the holidays.  Get a jump-start on your to-do list today with these Thanksgiving kitchen hacks or help from one of our home improvement experts.

How To Make Your Kitchen Senior-Friendly

Safety concerns and the challenges of staying in our home increase as we age.  We all value our privacy and our independence, but these shouldn’t come at the expense of our health and well-being.  Of particular importance are adjustments to our kitchens, since that’s a room in which we spend a good amount of time and engage in a variety of potentially risky tasks.

The costs of a kitchen remodel can range from small to large; the following list provides some helpful ideas of senior-friendly alterations, and how involved and expensive each is likely to be.

Slip-Resistant Flooring

Falls account for a majority of injuries sustained by seniors in all areas of the house.  Remove any mats or rugs that present a tripping or slipping hazard.  A rug in front of the sink may be keeping your floor cleaner, but it’s hardly worth the risk you face of taking a serious spill.  Likewise, flooring should have enough texture to grip your feet. Consult with the clerk at your local hardware or home repair store for suggestions on the best types of slip-resistant flooring available.

Increase Lighting

Another fact of life is that as we grow older, our eyesight becomes poorer.  In the kitchen, where a lot of tasks require using knives, gripping pans, and transferring hot items, maximum lighting is essential.  This may be achieved with something as simple as increasing bulb wattage, or with something as complex as installing motion-sensor lights, or light switches that can be operated with a simple nudge.

Allow more than Adequate Clearance Space

Kitchens are particularly prone to acquiring clutter.  Look around to see what items (step stools, chairs, pet dishes) may be impeding your movements, and determine better locations for these things to “live.”

Make Appliances and Utensils Easier to Reach

One of the common laments voiced by seniors is the difficulty of reaching into both upper and lower cabinets.  Obviously, everything can’t be kept at waist level, but the most commonly used items can be made more accessible.  Place the microwave at or just below counter height.  Consider installing pull-out shelves which allow you to retrieve items without stretching or bending.

A side-opening oven door enables you to insert and remove items without having to lean across the standard lowered door, especially when the surface is hot.

Shallower sinks make it easier to rinse dishes, fruits and vegetables.  Single-lever faucets reduce the risk of scalding with hot water.

Replace smaller knobs and handles on drawers with larger, easy-to-grip ones.

When the time comes to replace an appliance, look for newer models with larger, easy-to-read controls.

If you are contemplating making changes to your kitchen—whether to make it “senior-proof” or for any other reason—the Handyman Matters craftsmen stand ready to consult and to assist in all aspects.  To find the office nearest you, call 1(866)FIX-MY-HOME, or go to and enter your zip code.

Maintaining and Repairing your Garbage Disposal

One of the hardest working appliances in your home is your garbage disposal. And because it’s also one of the most consistent and reliable, you rarely give it a second thought… until it isn’t working! Here are a few tips for maintaining or repairing your garbage disposal so it can do its job well, followed by some pointers for what to do when it isn’t.

Items your garbage disposal can’t handle… 

  • Not only should you not put bones or eggshells through your disposal, coffee grounds are a big no-no. Frozen meats can create problems, as well. If you’ve decided that some item that has been lurking in your freezer for months needs to be tossed, allow it to thaw before feeding it through the disposal unit. Or bypass the disposal altogether and simply throw it in the regular trash.
  • Don’t pour grease down your drain/disposal either; it can easily gum up the inner workings. NEVER pour bleach, drain cleaner or any other household chemicals down there, either.

Rinsing out your garbage disposal…

  • Use cold, rather than warm water when running the disposal. Every week or so, drop a few ice cubes down the drain before operating it. This helps keep the blades sharp as well as loosening any accumulated debris from the blades.

Removing items from your disposal…

  • If you’ve dropped something in there accidentally—glass, rubber, silverware, etc.—use tongs or pliers to remove it. NEVER stick your hand down the disposal.

Repairing your garbage disposal…

  • In the event that the unit not only isn’t working, but isn’t even making a grinding or humming sound, this likely means that the unit isn’t receiving power. Before calling a repair service, check the underside of the disposal. Nearly all have a reset button located there. Press it and then try operating the unit again. That may be all that’s required to fix the problem.
  • If the disposal motor hums or makes an intermittent noise, then it is receiving power, but something has likely jammed the machinery. Don’t continue to run it, since you may well burn out the motor. Never attempt a repair a garbage disposal at this point without either unplugging the unit or turning off the power source.
  • If the blades are damaged or broken, it may be easier to replace the entire unit. While disposals aren’t necessarily inexpensive, the repair costs to fix a malfunctioning unit may come close to the price of simply installing a new one.

And, of course, you can always find help maintaining or repairing your garbage disposal by contacting your local Handyman Matters office at 1(866)FIX-MY-HOME or going to Once there, you can enter your zip code and be directed to the Handyman Matters nearest you. They will be happy to assist you with fixing your old disposal or, if necessary, installing a new one.

Ready for a Change? It can be as Easy as Switching up your Floor Plan.

Are you a recent empty-nester?  Have you just finished decluttering the house?  Or maybe you’ve simply been contemplating the current floor plan of your living space and you wonder if there could be a more efficient—or a more attractive—way of arranging your belongings.

You could, of course, put your home on the market and find an entirely new place to live, but if you’re looking for something a little less disruptive and involved, here are a handful of smaller suggestions to consider.

Open Living Room Layout

    • Expand an existing room – Is there a room in your home that’s rarely used these days?  Consider the idea of knocking down the wall between it and an adjoining room to make a more open and welcoming space between the two. Think about creating an open living room connected to your kitchen.  Interestingly, a larger expanse can give a stronger sense of intimacy!






Walk-In Closet


    • Add a closet or increase the size of your current one – Maybe it’s time to consider turning that small, cramped space into a walk-in closet where your clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia aren’t competing for visibility.  Walk in closets are one of the best ways to treat your room to a little luxury. Examine your options:  is there some adjoining space that could be better served by making it part of a larger closet?

Installing Cabinets





    • Adding or moving cabinets – Every home seems to have that catch-all cabinet and/or that junk drawer, the place where everything that has nowhere else to be winds up.  Even those storage spots that have an assigned purpose tend to accumulate items that don’t belong there, because they don’t quite seem to fit anyplace else.  Conduct a walk-through of your home for the specific purpose of inventorying cabinet/cupboard locations and their contents.  It’s probably been awhile since you actively considered whether things are stored in their most convenient spot.  You’ve simply become accustomed to retrieving them as needed without much thought about how far you have to walk, or how deeply you have to dig.  Consider these areas of interest when considering moving or installing cabinets: laundry room, garage, mudroom, kitchen, or billiards area.

Storage Platforms


    • Floor storage platforms – In homes with higher ceilings, a recent and popular option is to install platform floors which allows for additional storage space.   These can be stylish, as well as unobtrusive, adding to a room’s appeal.









    • Baseboard drawers – A particularly innovative recent practice has been the installation of drawers along baseboards.  This might be a good option for storing things you don’t need on a regular basis, or that you don’t mind bending all the way down to the floor to retrieve.  Otherwise, this may not be the most convenient choice for you!






Built-in Shelving



  • Wall storage – Rather than adding shelving that extends out from a room’s wall (thereby robbing the room itself of space), built-in shelving creates additional storage capacity that allows you to display knickknacks or to keep items like books, games and DVDs at the ready. Built-in shelving can also add more architectural character to your home’s layout.  Think offices, libraries, bathrooms, and living rooms.






These are just a few of the options worth considering if you are looking to upgrade your home with an eye towards space reconfiguration.  Our many Handyman Matters offices have qualified craftsmen who can help you decide what the best option for your home may be, and to help you complete the job to your satisfaction.  Call 1(800)FIX-MY-HOME or go to where you can enter your zip code to find the phone number of the Handyman Matters location nearest you.


You Don’t Need to Wait Until Spring to Start Your Garden!

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  Does this mean we should restrict ourselves from sunbathing and gardening? Handyman Matters doesn’t think so.  Here’s our guide to creating springtime indoors.

  • Kitchen Herb Gardens

Notoriously small, notoriously helpful.  Herb gardens are the tiny bits of life that can be squeezed into almost any home space.  If you have a window in your kitchen, hang a small rack to place these small pots in.  Improve your cooking and your kitchen aesthetics!

  • Seeding a Vegetable Garden

Start your outdoor garden, indoors!  Seeding a garden before you plant one outdoors will help insure its success.  To get started, install a large shelf and hang grow lights at the top.  Make sure the seedlings are getting enough light and position their trays accordingly.  Here’s some more information on planting techniques and shelf examples.

  • Building a Greenhouse

Are you looking to grow less practical plants?  Would you prefer to fill your home with flowers, succulents, or trees?  Greenhouses are perfect for creating the humid, tropical forest you’ve always wanted.  Green houses can vary from small home installations, to large backyard structures.  

  • Creating a Sunroom

It’s the living room version of the greenhouse!  When you want to live amongst the flowers and the sun – you build a sunroom.  Typically added as a home extension, these living spaces are glass enclosed rooms that allow you to enjoy the warmth of the indoors while also soaking up some rays.  Plants thrive in this kind of set up, so the more the merrier.

It may still be winter, but that doesn’t mean your home has to reflect that.  Spring can come early to your home with a few simple steps.  Thinking about adding on a sunroom or greenhouse to your home?  Looking to install an indoor garden?  Handyman Matters can help.  Call us today for a free quote (866-FIX-MY-HOME) or fill out the free quote form above.

The Thanksgiving Solution to Small Space Entertaining

Word got out that you wanted to serve Thanksgiving this year, and your guest list has been growing ever since.  Hosting a crowd over 10 is hard for most homes.  Kitchens can be tiny, and dining room small or nonexistent.  While it may not be very self-explanatory, opening up a living space to make room for company doesn’t have to require renovation.  Handyman Matters has some tips for you to help get the most out of your smaller spaces.

  • You don’t have a dining room but you have a patio…

Even though the temperatures are dipping, this doesn’t mean that you still can entertain outdoors.  Grab some heat lamps and take your Thanksgiving dinner outdoors.  Using a rustic picnic table with bench seats will help you optimize seating capacity while adding a very fall aesthetic.

  • A bay window is in the way…

The great think about bay windows is they can easily be transformed into bench seating.  All you will need is a bench pillow and voila!  This can also be a great way to squeeze in an extra table next to the window.


  • Take advantage of your passthrough!

Passthroughs are one of the most versatile things to happen to a kitchen.  They can be used as bar seating, or as a buffet.  This is especially helpful when it comes to Thanksgiving.  Seating the kids at the bar, or keeping your food off the table will free up a lot of space for more guests!


  • A large table won’t fit in your dining room…

Company often requires some amount of temporary redecorating.  If you have a small dining room that won’t fit the 12+ person table you need, try swapping it with your living room.  Temporarily moving seating into the dining room, and the table into the living room with create the larger dining space Thanksgiving requires.  Additionally, you’re dining room will double as an intimate lounge: a comfy place to have pre-meal drinks.



Small spaces can also be remedied through the removal of dividing walls and room expansions into unused space.  If you’re looking to improve your home’s capacity this holiday season, give Handyman Matters a call! 866-FIX-MY-HOME

Handyman Matter’s Top 5 Kitchen Trends for World Food Day

Kitchen Makeover

In honor of World Food Day, Handyman Matters brings you are favorite kitchen remodel trends!

  1. Farmhouse Sinks – Add a little extra room to you kitchen clean-up with a farmhouse sink.  Perfect for the house chef and larger families.
  2. Coffee Bar – Set up an area of your kitchen for coffee, and coffee accessories only! An indulgence for the overly caffeinated, that will definitely speed up any morning routine.
  3. Chimney-Style Range Hoods – Stoves are often the focal piece of a kitchen. Chimney style range hoods work as a playful, industrial accent that also helps ventilate you smokier concoctions.
  4. Butcher-Block Counter Tops – Wood is one of the biggest home improvement trends this season. Butcher-block counter tops are an affordable alternative that adds a warm, familiar feel to any kitchen.
  5. White Cabinetry – It is easy to update outdated cabinets with a fresh coat of white paint! It will help make your kitchen more modern, and if you have a white ceiling, it’ll make it seem higher.

Handyman Matters specializes at kitchen installations and remodels.  To find a handyman near you dial 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

Undercabinet Lighting

Do you have areas in your home that seem to be lacking something but you can’t quite figure out what it is? It could be that those areas simply need a little more light or a type of lighting that is more functional. The installation of under cabinet lighting may be just what you need to transform a dull space into a functional and  more attractive area.

It can be very frustrating trying to prepare meals in a kitchen with insufficient lighting. Adding lighting under the cabinets will instantly illuminate your meal preparation area making it a more enjoyable place to work. To brighten up your kitchen, you might want to explore and compare the different lighting options such as strip lights, puck lights or linear under cabinet lighting.

In addition to making your kitchen a more functional space, under cabinet lights can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen decor. Puck lights are a good example of mood setting under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting can be installed inside of a glass front or open-front cabinet. This gives you an opportunity to draw attention to collectibles or showcase your glassware or dishes.

The functionality of a craft room or workshop can also be increased with the addition of under the cabinet lighting. Other forms of lighting simply cannot provide the direction-specific illumination that lighting placed under a cabinet can.

Once you begin installing lighting that fits neatly under your kitchen cabinets or the cabinet in your craft room or workshop, you may begin seeing other areas of your home that would benefit from the installation of under cabinet lighting. One of those locations might be your bathroom. Here, the lighting would probably serve more as a nighttime illumination option or as a mood-enhancing element of decor. Rope lighting placed at the base of your bathroom cabinets could be considered a safety feature.

Under cabinet lighting can be used on a bookcase to make it a more impressive accent piece in your living room, bedroom or office. It can actually be added to almost any shelf in any area of your home to create a more dramatic space.

When you begin shopping for under cabinet lighting, you will have choices such as LED, fluorescent or halogen lights to consider. You’ll also need to take notice of the installation process. Some under cabinet lighting can be done as a DIY project and some require the expertise of a professional.

If DIY isn’t the right choice for your project, a Handyman Matters professional craftsman is always one call away at 1-866-FIX-MY-HOME or, you can enter your zip code above to find a location in your area.