Adding an accent wall truly accentuates and beautifies a home.

Reclaimed wood not only provides lasting beauty, it's earth friendly. Professionally installed, this product will add value to your home, while bringing a rustic-chic feel. Transforming that accent wall, hearth or entertainment area is simple with Handyman Matters.

Package Time Estimate: Varies

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On average, a job of 100 square feet is approximately 2 hours.
Contact your local office for package pricing.

  • Professional Installation for the perfect fit.
  • Upgrades a room instantly!
  • Every plank has a history*

Accent Wall Reclaimed Wood Package

Let our Craftsman professionally install your Artis Wall today. Armed with proper training and tools, we can complete this job quickly and easily!

  • Professional installation ensures easy and beautiful results.
  • Add beauty to your home without mess or hassle.
  • Every board and wall will be unique to your home.
  • Your reclaimed wood has a story, enter a code to find out what that story is*
  • Made in the USA.
  • Patented Technology, makes removing easy and non-harmful to wall.

What You Get:

  • Professional Accent Wall Reclaimed Wood installation. Our Craftsman will ensure your Artis Wall is skillfully completed with precision and attention to detail.
    • Wall Preparation
    • Plank Layout
    • Craftsmanship, specifically around outlets/switches
  • Product delivered direct to your home.
  • Clean-up after the job.
Accent Wall Package
Terms & Conditions

Estimated Time:
All jobs are unique and will vary. Handyman Matters will provide an installation time based on square feet of the job and any other factors. Your local office will assist you when booking your job to provide an accurate cost & time estimate.

Pricing is dependent on the Artis Wall product chosen for your home. Factors can include, but are not limited to:

  • Condition of wall to be installed on. Free from defects and holes. If found, these will need to be fixed prior to installation.
  • Quantity of outlets, light switches or fixtures to account for can add time and complexity to the job.
  • Size of the wall to be installed with Artis Wall.
  • Geometric and odd-shaped spaces will require additional time and precision.

The Artis Wall product needs to acclimate in your home at least one week prior to installation. Your office will work with you to ensure the product is acclimated properly prior to installation.

Contact your local office for length of Warranty. Cannot be combined with other offers. Void where prohibited. Valid at participating locations only. Contact our office for details.