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Remodelers Code of Ethics

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The Remodelers of Wichita Code of Ethics

Members of the Remodeling Council of Wichita adhere to the following code of ethics. Complaints against any Remodeling Council member are taken before the Council for action.

Remodelers of Wichita Code of Ethics

I. Only those home improvement projects which are structurally and economically sound shall be fostered and encouraged.

II. All advertising statements shall be accurate and free from capacity to mislead or deceive the consumer.

III. Accuracy shall be required of all salesmen in their descriptions of products and services, both verbal and written.

IV. All contracts employed shall be fully descriptive and fair to parties concerned.

V. All contractual obligations shall be fulfilled in a reasonable period of time.

VI. All work shall be performed in a manner compatible with recognized standards of public health and safety and applicable law.

VII. Members shall not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect on, or bring into dispute, themselves, this organization or the industry.

VIII. Any complaints registered against a member of this organization regarding unethical practices shall be investigated by this council which will then recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors of Wichita Association of Home Builders.


Wichita Area Builders Association Remodelers™ Council

Message from Wess Galyon, President Wichita Area Builders Association

Dear Homeowner:

The Wichita Area Builders Association Remodelers™ Council is here to serve you. Originally formed to further the professionalism of those engaged in the remodeling industry, the Council and its members have become recognized as leaders in the remodeling industry in Kansas.

The goal of every Remodelers™ Council member is to provide you with the type and quality of service you have a right to expect. Council members, attend regular monthly meetings, educational seminars, and keep abreast of “what’s new” in the industry whether it’s products, services, or new construction techniques.

Council members also serve the community by contributing both labor and materials for community projects such as making improvements to the Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Cerebral Palsy Ranch facilities, The Wichita Childrens’ Home, Roots & Wings, American Cancer Society and others. If you’re considering remodeling, you’ll want to do business with a professional…a member of the Wichita Area Builders Association Remodelers™ Council.

Wesley E. Galyon
Wichita Area Builders Association
Wichita Area Builders Association is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders


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