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No matter what sort of home repair or handyman services you're looking for, you always want to make sure that the company you hire is both licensed and insured. If you overlook this crucial detail, you and your home might not be protected against damages or liability if something should go wrong during your project.

The importance of using a properly insured and licensed handyman can not be understated. Business licenses detail the projects that a craftsman is authorized to perform, and are issued by the city, county, or other local governing body. A handyman without a license has not gone through the proper inspections and authorizations that are required.

The benefits of a home repair company's insurance policies should be familiar to any homeowner. General liability insurance is the most common policy you'll find amongst handymen, but it's not uncommon to see automobile insurance, more comprehensive umbrella coverages, and worker's compensation plans. An honest and reputable handyman company uses insurance to protect not just their company, but also their workers and customers as well.

Here at Handyman Matters, we believe in being up-front and honest to establish trust with you, our customers. We've made our licensing and insurance documents available for viewing here to give you peace of mind.


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