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Grab Bar Installation

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Professional Grab Bar Installation

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Professionally installed grab bars are completed quickly and safely by Handyman Matters.  You can provide the grab bar, and we will provide the professional installation, or we will look at your bathroom, discuss your needs, purchase the grab bars and professionally install them. 

As we age or begin losing agility, it becomes increasingly important to have grabs installed in your shower.  Falls in the bathroom, especially the bathtub and shower areas are a leading cause of injury.

The general recommendation is to have at least two grab bars installed for a tub or shower.  A vertically mounted bar on the outside of the shower/tub helps you step into and out of the shower/tub.  The second one is installed inside the shower/tub as an aid while you are bathing.

Call Handyman Matter of Pittsburgh South to professionally install your grab bars to keep you on your feet.

  • Be safe in your shower and bathtub
  • Stop reaching for your towel bar
  • Don't wait for it to fall off the wall.



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