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Door Repair & Installation | Call Us Today For An Estimate

How a door is used in a space determines whether the door will be a pocket or double door. The kick plate, lockset and doorknob will add to the function but also carry the design of the home into the door style.

Installing doors, whether pre-hung or custom is a large project, as is replacing or repairing a door. Doors must be measured and cut carefully for a secure fit in the doorjamb. Before beginning any door project, make sure the door frame is level. The overall success of the job will be dependent upon how snugly the door hangs in the doorframe. In addition, the placement of the lockset and door knob will be crucial to the door's function. While installing, replacing or repairing a door may seem manageable as a weekend project, garage doors are much more difficult due to the number of moving parts that must be accounted for.

If a door slams closed in a home it will be loud, a finger may be smashed, but it will not be excessively costly. However, if a garage door closes onto a car the damage will be expensive and if the door closes on a person it could be deadly. Often it is best to turn to Handyman Matters to make sure doors are installed properly for optimum function and safety.

Uneven gaps in the doorframe, locksets that will not lock and door knobs that will not turn can ultimately be avoided by making sure measurements and cuts all align together.