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Why Choose Handyman Matters?

  • Professional flooring install and repair
  • Multiple flooring options: hardwood, tile, etc.
  • Flooring that meets your needs and budget
  • Top-notch craftsmanship and installation
  • Materials that will stand the test of time
  • Boost aesthetics and the value of your home

Choosing flooring for your home can provide a plethora of benefits. Whether it’s slate for your family room, tile in your kitchen or bathroom, or hardwood for another space, properly installed or repaired flooring can protect your investment, stay resistance to heavy foot traffic, complement your existing décor, and provide warmth and comfort.

Advantages of Our Services

When you choose Handyman Matters, you’ll receive help from an experienced craftsman specifically trained to help you evaluate your flooring needs and deliver a quality product that meets your budget and reflects your style. Our craftsmen can also recommend the best surface or repair for your home according to your unique needs.

Professional installation by experienced and trained craftsmen, as well as our 100% satisfaction guarantee, will give you peace of mind.

At Handyman Matters, we will carefully listen and evaluate your flooring needs to help you best determine what options are viable for each room. To ensure that your new flooring is well worth the investment, we will also examine the sub floor structure.

The Handyman Matters Approach

It’s vital to choose a company that you can trust to install or repair your flooring. Handyman Matters only hires skilled craftsmen that have been background checked. We have successfully installed thousands of floors over the last fifteen years and remain the leading home repair franchise with more than 120 locations in North America and the United States. Our craftsmen receive ongoing training to ensure that they stay up-to-date on the latest and best methods used to maintain homes.

When you choose Handyman Matters, you’re choosing a nationwide franchising system that shares the most current styles, best practices and safety tips.

Once your new flooring has been installed by a skilled craftsman, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment is backed up by a 100% guarantee. Allow your new flooring to become the envy of all of your neighbors, whether you’re hosting a party or simply having friends and family over for a bite to eat. Feel confident in your space and feel the pride associated with choosing a nationwide leader to install your new flooring.