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Professional Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodeling Get ready to feel comfortable and bask in the spa-like sanctuary of a newly remodeled bathroom. Whether you want to add one of the popular spa showers, a deep, relaxing spa tub or you just want to add beauty and elegance to the room, our team of bathroom experts can handle the job. Go to the Bathroom Remodeling Page >

Remodel with Handyman Matters - Shared Values

General Remodeling You can get all of your general remodeling and repair work done with Handyman Matters at competitive rates. We can work on any project, from large to small: bathroom renovations, closets, basements and more. Our carpenters will craft the perfect rooms for you! Go to the General Remodeling Page >

Doors and Windows from Handyman Matters

Doors & Windows The experts at Handyman Matters hold the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure quality window and door installation and repair. Whether installing a new window or making repairs to a problematic door, our professionals work closely with clients to ensure that all needs are met. Go to the Doors & Windows Page >

Hire the best with Handyman Matters Rhode Island

Carpentry Interior and exterior carpentry projects that have been completed correctly add both beauty and value to your home. The expert craftsmen at Handyman Matters receive ongoing training to ensure they are up-to-date on current practices, styles, and safety tips. Go to the Carpentry Page >

Patch your Drywall or Install New Drywall

Drywall Install/Repair When you choose Handyman Matters for your drywall needs, a professional craftsman is always there to listen to your concerns and evaluate your needs. We're happy to help guide you through the whole drywall process, including room by room evaluations and recommendations that fit your style. Go to the Drywall Install/Repair Page >

Flooring Solutions Made Easy with Handyman Matters

Floor Install/Repair Choosing flooring for your home can provide a plethora of benefits. Whether it’s slate for your family room, tile in your kitchen or bathroom, or hardwood for another space, properly installed or repaired flooring can protect your investment. Go to the Floor Install/Repair Page >

Call Handyman Matters for Paint and Stain Needs

Painting & Staining Is your room, patio or garage starting to look a bit shabby? Freshen things up with a nice coat of paint. The experts at Handyman Matters know how to fulfill all your interior and exterior painting needs in an efficient and effective manner. Go to the Painting & Staining Page >


Maintenance Keep up with interior and exterior maintenance. Go to the Maintenance Page >

Electrical Electrical broken switches, new ceiling fan installation, complete upgrades, we use only insured and licensed master electricians. Go to the Electrical Page >

Multi-Skilled Craftsmen At Handyman Matters RI

Additional Services Handyman Matters Rhode Island can handle all your jobs in a week! Go to the Additional Services Page >