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Service Profile:  Repair - Install - Assemble - Maintenance - Remodel

Property Types We Service 

  • Residential Real Estate:  Single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, quadplexes, high-value homes and vacation homes.
  • Commercial Real Estate:  Retailers, shopping centers and strip malls, restaurants, hotels and offices including medical and educational buildings. Apartment buildings are often considered commercial, even though they are used for residences. 
  • Industrial Real Estate:  Manufacturing buildings and property, as well as warehouses. 

 Trades and Capabilities

  • Carpentry – Framing / Millwork / Cabinetry / Interior & Exterior
  • Flooring – Tile / Laminate / Pre-finished Hardwood + Sub-floor repair, base molding & cove
  • Drywall – Install / Repair / Tape & finish / Texture
  • Painting – Brush, Roll and Spray / Staining + Finish / Interior & Exterior
  • Electrical – Troubleshooting / Remove & Replace fixtures & switches / Install ceiling fans & exhaust fans.  New rough-in, running new power, circuits and breakers are sub-contracted through our licensed electrician and we act as the GC
  • Plumbing – All – Repair / Remove & Replace / Troubleshoot existing / New build-out is assigned to our associated licensed plumber
  • Doors / Windows / Locks & Hardware / Weather-proofing  – Commercial and Residential style install, remove and replace.  Pre-hung wood and metal framed doors. Interior and exterior including emergency egress, office and exterior safety doors  Commercial window replacement / pane replacement and re-glazing / re-seal, caulk and weatherstripping. Door & window hardware, sills and thresholds and lock-sets installed, repaired  and replaced
  • Furniture, Enclosures, Appliances & Fixtures – Remove, replace, assemble and install
  • Maintenance – Interior and Exterior / Guttering and drainage / Fencing and out-buildings / Grid ceiling repair / Window treatments and shutter install and repair / Seasonal filter changes / Energy efficiency ballast and light bulb exchange
  • You Name It -  Safety & Emergency apperatus installation, replacement and working order checks / Battery exchange / Punch list reports, audits and repairs / Assets inventoried, boxed, moved to storage / Debris and junk removed / Power washing

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Remodeling your bathroom can add fresh inspiration to your whole home. Today’s homeowners want a bathroom environment that is not only comfortable and relaxing, but that is attractive and has style. Even small updates add value to your home. Go to the Bathroom Remodeling Page >

Home and Room Remodeling

General Remodeling Remodeling your home is an excellent way to increase your personal happiness and property value at the same time. Handyman Matters offers general and comprehensive remodeling and repair services, to include bathroom repairs, kitchen remodeling, home painting and flooring installations. If you name i Go to the General Remodeling Page >

Door and Window Installation and Repair

Doors & Windows New windows and doors help insulate your home and bridge it from the outdoor elements. Our professional Handyman Matters will take the time to listen your every need and concern, and we’ll help you establish the right options for your home. We’ll also take a look at your existing insulation and Go to the Doors & Windows Page >

Minor Electrical

Minor Electrical Minor Electrical - Fixtures, Switches, Outlets, Ceiling Fans and Lighting Replacement, Installation and Repair Go to the Minor Electrical Page >

Minor Plumbing

Minor Plumbing We replace and install household fixtures, faucets, tubs, shower heads and valves, vanities, sinks, toilets, disposals, shower pans, ice makers, dishwashers, whirlpool and walk-in bathtubs. We can fix drips and running toilets. Go to the Minor Plumbing Page >

Interior and Exterior Carpentry Services

Carpentry When it comes to your exterior and interior carpentry projects, the skilled craftsmen at Handyman Matters can help you. In order for your home to exude a pleasing look, the expertise of highly trained carpenters is needed. You need to use a skilled home improvement company so interior and exterior p Go to the Carpentry Page >

Drywall Repair and Installation

Drywall Repair and Installation The expertise at Handyman Matters ensures the drywall repair and installation work you need is done properly. We patch holes and build new walls. Even small damage to existing drywall can impact the overall look and feel of any space. Drywall isn't easy to fix, but our team of skilled craftsmen will Go to the Drywall Repair and Installation Page >

Flooring Installation And Repair

Floor Install/Repair When looking for a trusted flooring partner, the variety of options and new terminology can be confusing and frustrating, especially since flooring is so important; it’s the foundation of your entire home. Proper selection – from tile for a bathroom or kitchen, to hardwood, laminate or even slat Go to the Floor Install/Repair Page >

Interior and Exterior Painting and Staining

Painting & Staining New paint or stain can improve the appearance of a room and our skilled craftsmen can do almost all of interior and exterior painting and staining work. It's a process that can be taken for granted, with a single mistake ruining a room’s look. A newly painted room creates the atmosphere you want f Go to the Painting & Staining Page >


Maintenance We offer a variety of maintenance projects to fit your needs. Maintenance of your property prevents costly replacement later. We provide scheduled preventative maintenance services tailored to your needs. We service residential and commercial properties. Services include HVAC air filter exchange; du Go to the Maintenance Page >

Commercial Repair and Maintenance

Commercial Services Professional maintenance and repair - service on demand, ready and equipped, when you need us. Lowering your costs, saving your time, fully staffed so you don't have to be. We are your full-service maintenance staff! Go to the Commercial Services Page >