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Seasonal Maintenance

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Seasonal Services

Warm Weather Is here, Is Your Home Ready?

Summer is here , and we know you'll be hosting barbeques, playing in the backyard, or enjoying warm evenings on your porches. Make sure your home is ready with this handy Summer home maintenance checklist brought to you by Handyman Matters:

  • Exterior Painting: Winter is one of the toughest seasons on your home's exterior. If you need a new paint job, Summer is the perfect time to do it. We offer affordable exterior painting services, as well as siding installation and repair.
  • Check Your Attic For Leaks & Insulation Damage: Spring and Summer showers will bring your yard and garden to life, but if your attic leaks, they can also cause water damage, rust and wood rot. Make sure your home stays dry with an attic inspection.
  • Replace Worn Out Weather Stripping: Check the weather stripping around your doors and windows for any signs of mold, damage, or deterioration. Replace any weather stripping that shows these symptoms and keep your home snug and dry.
  • Inspect Your Gutters: Debris from the fall and winter may have clogged your gutters in recent months. Clean them out to assure proper drainage, and while you're up there, check for any signs of disrepair. And don't forget to always be careful when on your roof!
  • Wood Rot: Whether it's on your roof, beneath your siding, or anywhere else, wood rot can have a devastating affect on your home's integrity and safety. A professional inspection can make sure that you're not missing any hidden damage.
  • HOA Home Inspections: If your HOA has given you a list of repairs or updates that need completed, give us a call! We perform any and all home improvement services, and can take care of anything on your home inspection checklist!

In addition to these Summer maintenance tips, we also offer a full range of interior and exterior home improvement and handyman services. Give us a call today at 703-444-8222 to learn more about what we can do for your home!