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How Handyman Matters Can Help You

Whether you have a short, or a lengthy, to-do list, Handyman Matters can help you when your home needs repairs. Because home improvement and repairs are crucial to the continued value of your home, we will help prioritize your list. We can help you get the most critical jobs completed first, on time and within budget. As professional craftsmen, Handyman Matters has completed thousands of home maintenance, improvement and repair projects for satisfied homeowners like you.

Why Handyman Matters

Home maintenance and repairs are part of owning a home. This doesn't mean they don't come with their own set of challenges, though. We at Handyman Matters can help you address those challenges with high quality work performed by experienced craftsmen that have been thoroughly background checked. By doing so, you can do what lead you to buy your home in the first place: relax and enjoy it. With skilled craftsmen that are fully trained in a variety of areas of expertise, such as bathroom remodeling, drywall, carpentry and kitchen remodeling, Handyman Matters offers its clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Approach

Choosing a home repair company is a big decision. We consider Handyman Matters to be in partnership with you. After all, we both want what is best for you: a home that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle. With over 15 years of experience completing thousands of home maintenance, repair and remodel projects, large and small, we have the skills and expertise needed to make you completely satisfied. We guarantee it.

We have more than 120 locations, making us the top franchise for home improvements in North America and the United States. By using one of our highly trained craftsmen that has been background checked, you can be assured that your home repair will be completed right, the first time.