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Handyman Matters Drywall Services

  • We complete the project from start to finish with a full drywall replacement finish, including texturing.
  • Our finished product installed will have no blemishes.
  • Our finishing work includes texture application and painting.
  • We can stay within a client’s budget without cost creep.
  • We are EPA-Certified to provide work and safe procedures in older homes with lead paint.
  • We provide 100 percent job satisfaction warranty of work performed.

The craftsmen provided by Handyman Matters are well-trained in drywall work, including the problems and challenges that can come with the material. Their experience covers the gamut from hole and dent repair to full interior wall replacement and finalizing new room sections. And most importantly, the work performed is smooth and issue-free. This is important as even small blemishes can become very noticeable very quickly. Further, many amateur jobs don’t cover the essential finishing work, which includes texturing, knock-down and final paint work that gives a professional wall its quality look.

The Benefits of Handyman Matters

The first big drywall benefit that comes with hiring Handyman Matters for a job includes the professional level of the work performed. Precision is a key factor in providing a quality drywall installation or repair. Handyman Matters’ craftsmen also bring all then needed to do the job right the first time, without mistakes. When proper fit is essential in avoiding a bad job result, a client will want to make sure the most professional approach is taken.

Always to Your Satifaction

Handyman Matters makes sure that everyone of its workers and craftsmen are background-checked before they ever enter a client’s home or office for work. With thousands of drywall projects performed, in addition to dozens of thousands of interior work projects, the company has a long-lasting history of reliable staff, quality work, and trustworthy performance. With over 120 franchise locations in the U.S. and Canada, this level of performance and trust has made Handyman Matters the leader in home and office repair and maintenance.

With Handyman Matters providing a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on work performed, clients can’t go wrong hiring our teams for drywall work. Give us call. Our team will come out ,estimate your need, provide a plan that fits your budget, and provide professional service delivery in one package.