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Pet Door Installation

Pet doors are the perfect solution to your pet's daily grind of in and out, in again, and out again. You know the feeling! The solution is easier than you might think, just pick up the phone and call Handyman Matters. Our skilled staff can recommend the perfect door for all of your pets needs and even install it in your home. Having a pet door in your home gives your pet the flexibility to go in and out when needed, regardless of your availability.Pet doors have been around commercially for the past thirty years, and longer as do-it-yourself projects.

Just as every other aspect of home maintenance and improvement has acquired more options and features, pet doors have also kept pace.  They can be installed not just in doors, but in walls and windows, as well.  These days, not only do they take into consideration ease of access for your pets, but also safety features and energy efficiency.   Current designs ensure protection against wind, dust and insects.

They range in sophistication from the simple plastic flap covering the opening to designs that incorporate battery-operated doors and electromagnetic openings triggered by your pet's collar to prevent entry by other creatures at the same time.

Pet doors can be locked or deactivated at night, preventing breaks-ins via these openings.

A variety of sizes and types are available, depending upon the specific needs, size and type of the pets in your household.

Have a pet that you would like to have the freedom to come and go as it pleases? A pet door is the perfect solution! Handyman Matters can install your pet door so that you and your pet have more freedom.

There are many different pet door options from you to choose from and we can install them all!

All you have to do is select the option that is best for you and then call Handyman Matters of Columbia. Your door will be installed professionally by one our our multi-skilled craftsmen! Keep in mind that our craftsmen can do 1,162 different things so feel free to get your list done at the same time.