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Attic Stair Installation

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Attic Stair Installation

The attic offers a great opportunity to increase your available storage space, if you can get to it. Offering better protection than a cold garage or a damp basement, this storage can leave you with more livable square footage in your home. That's why we do attic stairs installation for any home.

In fact most of the local home improvement stores that sell these stairs, do not also install them. Our craftsmen have quite a bit of experience and can help you explore the storage options that your home can provide. We can install pull-down and fold away stairs that blend in with the feel of your home, looking perfectly in place when closed.

If you already utilize the potential of this room, but want to make getting in and out easier on yourself, we can help with that too. We can relocate the entrance or finish the floor, making storing those Christmas decorations a breeze.

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