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Skylights – Great Way to Add Natural Light

Skylights are a great way to fill your home with natural sunlight while saving money and energy at the same time. Skylights can bring in fresh air as well as the natural sunlight. Many skylight systems are made to allow the consumer to install a switch that will open the skylight to let in fresh air. This is also a great way to reduce the heat that is trapped inside the home in the summer months.

Everybody knows that natural light provides beauty and enhancement to any space, whether it is a living space or a work space. Skylights are a great alternative to bring in the beauty of natural light. They are really great in bathrooms and interior rooms where access to natural light is limited or non-existent.

Most people think of skylights as being in an aluminum frame that is installed on top of the roof. There are also tubular skylights that provide the same benefit of natural light but they use a method of redirecting the light through a shaft that is very reflective.

Skylights are the latest trend in green energy because they use glass and natural sunlight to provide light and ventilation to a room. They can either be fixed or mobile, meaning that the mobile ones can be opened and closed to allow natural ventilation into the room.

Skylights are beginning to be key elements in home design. They are a sign of modern architecture at its best. In recent years the number of homes being built with skylights has increased dramatically. Many people in NYC are also opting to add sky lighting to their home to increase their use of natural energy.

Ten years ago it would have been difficult to find skylights in homes like they are now. People just did not appreciate their beauty and effectiveness. Today they can design the roof to accommodate skylights that will provide light to every room in the house if they so desire. More and more people are opting to install skylights in their home because of the energy savings.

The concept of skylights is not a new one. Many years ago Victorian homes were built with windows in the roof of the home because they saw the need for adding as much light into the home as possible. When modern technology came along they got away from installing skylights because it was too easy to put in a light bulb and turn on a switch. With the price of energy at an all time high people are looking back at ways their ancestors lived naturally. Skylights were one way they used to provide more light in homes before they knew anything about electricity.

Decorating the home with windows has a two fold effect. The home has more curb appeal and the inside of the home is brighter and cheaper to power. Today homeowners are installing a variety of window types to help beautify their home both inside and out. It is one of the best ways they can invest their remodeling dollars. These windows on the rooftop can allow about 30% more light into the home during the daytime hours. Many companies are also incorporating this light energy into solar energy that can supplement the lighting in the home at night.

If you choose to install a skylight in your home you should keep in mind that it needs to cover at least 10% of the ceiling space in the room if it is going to be used as a major light source. One consideration is to place a cluster of skylights together to form a grouping that will evenly place light throughout the room. This will provide a perfect place for you to relax and let go of all of the stress you go through each day.