Handyman Matters offers industry-first Online Appointment Scheduling Platform via new Website

Consumers can now choose from available time slots and book 24/7!

Handyman Matters’ recently launched website features cutting-edge technology that allows consumers to book their own appointment times with a local office. Designed to increase the convenience of booking an appointment, consumers simply provide details on the project need, estimate the number of hours needed, choose from available times and submit. Handyman Matters offices receive this data live in their calendars and confirm. Check out the website at: www.HandymanMatters.com.

Owner and founder, Andy Bell stated, “Redefining Home Improvement has been our goal since we started nearly 20 years ago. Providing our customers an easy way to book a professional, multi-skilled craftsman for their home was a no-brainer! Our research showed that our customers were looking for a no-hassle and easy way to find a reputable and trustworthy company to work on their most valuable asset, their homes. We just made it even easier to book with us.”

Committed to helping you love your home, Handyman Matters’ locally owned and operated offices provide professional and multi-skilled craftsmen, trained to handle a homeowners’ to-do list or that larger, more critical project like a bathroom refresh or remodel. The unique offering that is the best option for most consumers is the Half Day Package or Full Day Package, which can easily be booked online. Simply, the consumer receives four or eight hours of professional craftsman time, to be used to get projects, touch-ups or that nagging to-do list completed.

Focused on exceeding customer expectations during the scheduling process as well as while on the job, Handyman Matters guarantees their work and offers a “like it’s our home” Promise. Check out why Handyman Matters is different: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DIKDccSp7o

In honor of Veteran’s Day…

Image via The Purple Heart Foundation.

In recognition of Veteran’s Day, let’s join together to honor those who have served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces.

We have selected The Purple Heart Foundation to support this Veteran’s Day.  Although The Order of the Purple Heart membership is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat, the Organization supports all Veterans and their families with an extensive range of nation-wide programs.  To name a few, these programs help Veterans recover from combat injuries, they help them with employment and education, they sponsor youth programs focused on fostering patriotism, they offer scholarships and work with schools to promote the learning of U.S. history and the quest for freedom.   In short, the Purple Heart Organization helps our Veterans make the transition from the battlefield to the home front.  Click Here to learn more about the Purple Heart Organization.

Handyman Matters is extremely proud to say that Veterans own and operate nearly 20% of our locations across the U.S.. Supporting Veteran-focused non-profits like The Purple Heart Foundation is very important to us, and we encourage you to take some time this Veteran’s Day and honor the Vets in your life as well.

There are many ways to help, and your generosity makes a difference in the lives of the men and women who have selflessly served our country to preserve our freedom.   Click Here to learn about the various ways you can support this outstanding organization.

Fox New’s Salute to American Success!

Salute to American Business
In case you didn’t catch it, Handyman Matters was featured Fox New’s Salute to American Success! Find out how Andy Bell took this home operated handyman business and turned it into a franchise system bringing in over $30 million a year.

“On the repair side of the business, our two biggest revenue makers are drywall and carpentry,” Bell said. “Our biggest projects are bathrooms. We also do a lot of work on interior and exterior doors, brick work and deck repairs, staining and expansions. We continue to work on painting, custom shelving and crown molding jobs as well. Right now our top market is Chicago.” — Andy Bell, CEO and Founder of Handyman Matters.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxbusiness.com”>video.foxbusiness.com</a>

Handyman Matters was Featured in HerLife Magazine!


This past year, Handyman Matters of Cherry Creek in Colorado has welcomed a new owner and operator named Michelle Young to the family.  Coming from a background of biochemistry, Michelle understands the need for thorough, everyday solutions…

“I enjoy being there for people when they need us,” she emphasized. “And if our team cannot resolve an issue for them, we do all we can to find a trusted expert who can help them and who will find a solution for them. That is our goal–to find solutions for our clients.”

Find out more about Michelle Young in this month’s issue of HerLife Magazine.  In the Cherry Creek area?  We have your home improvement experts ready to go.  Just call 866-FIX-MY-HOME or head to their website to find out more about their home improvement and repair services.

The Troubleshooter and Handyman Matters Answer your Home Improvement Questions

The Troubleshooter

Today the CEO and Founder of Handyman Matters, Andy Bell, appeared for the second time on Tom Martino’s Troubleshooter podcast.  Andy first visited the show back in 1998 when Handyman Matters was just him and a couple of craftsmen. Handyman Matters has since grown into a nationally recognized franchise with over 60 locations, becoming a leader in the home improvement industry.  On this episode of Troubleshooter, Andy joins Tom to field some of the listeners’ burning questions on home maintenance.  Tune in to find more about…

  • Checking your own sump pump
  • Adding window coverings to steel doors
  • Maintaining an air vent or furnace
  • Repairing hardwood floors
  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Assembling and installing Ikea cabinets
  • Adjusting water pressure

Have any burning home repair or maintenance questions that weren’t answered on this episode of The Troubleshooter?  Give us a call – 866-FIX-MY-HOME!

Handyman Matters’s Latest Feature!

Kory Arntson

Kory Arntson, owner of Handyman Matters Portland, was recently featured on Entrepreneur.com! Three time winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award, Arntson and his craftsmen are a customer service staple in the North West.  Find out more about this franchisee and how he plans to make his first million…

I love working with my hands and always have a project going.  Whether it was working on my rental properties, my own house, or helping my friends, I was always investing in a fixer-upper or building something.  I decided to combine the two by owning and operating my own construction company.

– Kory Arntson, Handyman Matters of Portland

Need Something Fixed? – Delaware Knows Who to Call

Where to Get Stuff Fixed

This week in Delaware Today, Handyman Matters Northern Delaware has been named as the best catch-all business for home repairs!  Veteran Keith Orr has been building the handyman matters reputation because all Handyman Matters craftsmen…

“have passed criminal background checks, are capable of 1,162 different jobs, and labor and materials are guaranteed for one year.”

For the full feature click here.

Fence Maintenance That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

The white picket fence is the classic symbol for the American dream.  You may not think about your fence on a regular basis, but keeping this structure in tact is essential.  Fences not only increase your home value and curb appeal, but they also add privacy and guard family pets.  Without a properly working fence, a lot can go wrong.  As the weather becomes sunny, and activities move to the outdoors, make sure your home is ready.  Here are a few techniques to start off your summer fence maintenance

  • Cleaning
    • Power Washing – renting a power washer works for all fence surfaces. It’s a high pressure way to get rid of seasonal grime and stains.
    • Scrubbing – wood and wire fences can be cleaned simply by scrubbing with a tougher scrub brush. For this you want to use a mild detergent or a diluted bleach mixture (16 parts water to 1 part bleach).
    • Vinyl Fences – these need careful attention. Only use a washcloth when cleaning them to avoid damage.  Also, be wary of using harsh chemicals as they may stain the fence.
  • Wood Rot or Leaning
    1. Dig out the post
    2. Chisel away the old concrete footing
    3. Realign or cut out rot
    4. Place back in ground and pour new concrete footing
    5. For fences that lean, adding a sister post, a support hammered into the ground and drilled into the original post can help in avoiding future leaning issues.
  • Drooping Gateway
    • An anti-sag kit will be the best solution. All parts are included in theses kits, just follow the instructions to install.  It will essentially form more tension on the side of the gate to keep it from sagging.

Fence maintenance can be an all-day if not all-weekend activity.  Save your summer free time for the fun activities! Handyman Matters is here to restore or install fences to suit your home’s needs.  Call today for a free estimate – 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

Entrepreneur on Handyman Matters, Franchising, and Millennials

Jonathan Barnett – Oxifresh

This past week, Handyman Matters was interviewed by the online publication, Entrepreneur, in a story about the next generation of franchise owners: Millennials.  Not surprisingly, Handyman Matters was chosen as a featured company.  As a home improvement franchise who sees the potential in attracting a younger audience, Handyman Matters has been able to welcome its youngest owner yet, at just 29 years old.  The IFA has even begun taking extra steps to entice Millennials.  At their annual convention this year, there was an entire presentation track devoted to recruiting young entrepreneurs.

As Handyman Matters CEO, Andy Bell sees it,

It’s a calculated risk going into a franchise… But Millennials are young enough that they have an attitude that everything is recoverable. They are not averse to risk. They take the caution out of running a business. They’re becoming wildly successful because they don’t pause when making critical decisions.

To find out more about this new generation of risk takers click here.

Keith Orr, Veteran & HMM Franchise Owner, was Featured in Franchising USA!

Keith Orr

In September of 2013, Keith Orr opened a Handyman Matters franchise in Northern Delaware.  After serving in the military for more than 2 decades, Orr was able to translate his military experience into another meaningful profession.

“The military taught me the value of hard work, how to follow systems and the best ways to react to changing circumstances on the fly,” Orr said. “All of these skills would become essential in preparing me well for the rigors of my transition to civilian life.”

Read more about Keith Orr’s  background, experience as a veteran, and journey to opening a Handyman Matters franchise in this month’s issue of Franchising USA.