Affordable Laundry Room Solutions

Many rooms serve a specific function, but the laundry room tends to stand alone in its practicality.  It’s not a communal spot, and it’s probably not something you even see regularly, but when you are in the laundry room, disorganization can stop your productivity in its tracks.  When it comes to the laundry room, having a place for everything is not just helpful: it’s essential.  Unlike most renovations, creating order in this room doesn’t need to be expensive.  Here are Handyman Matters’s favorite affordable solutions for the best, stress free, laundry experience.

  • Surfaces – are essential. Sorting, folding, removing stains – how are you going to do it without a surface. This doesn’t need to mean installing expensive, granite countertops.  You can re-purpose an old door, use scrap wood, or even purchase a butcher block.
  • Shelves – forget cabinets. If you’re looking for an affordable storage solution for you laundry room, take a peak at some closet organization ideas.  Shelves give you an easy spot to store detergents, laundry baskets, extra towels and hangers, and stain removers.
  • Closets – Don’t have a place to store the laundry machines? You don’t need to build a room, a mere coat closet would work.  Stacked dryers with a series of shelves can do just the trick in these hide away laundromats.
  • Drying Racks – Whether it be a fold down shelf or an expandable rack, every laundry room needs a place to air dry delicates. Instead of choosing a standalone rolling rack, consider putting an expandable bar above your machines, or a fold down rack along the door.






While laundry rooms aren’t the epicenter of the home, having a flow to these areas can drastically improve your more tedious, day-to-day chores.  For help installing new features into your laundry room, give Handyman Matters a call at 866-FIX-MY-HOME or head to our website for a free quote.

Spring Cleaning Solutions For Your Storage Room

Yes, it’s that time of season again.  All year, this room has fallen victim to the same curse as the junk drawer.  Too much winter equipment? Throw it in the storage room.  Nowhere to put your holiday decorations?  Toss it into the storage room.  Unfinished hobbies you’re not yet ready to part with? I bet it could fit in the storage room.  It’s time to restore order to all areas of your home.  Here are some tricks to kicking your storage space into shape…

Extra Clothes

We all have that extra pile of clothing we’re not wearing or storing for posterity.  Whether it be your winter jackets, vintage clothing, baby clothing, or just things you’re not yet ready to part with, having an organized place to keep them is essential.  What you need are racks.  These are preferable over boxes because they take up relatively the same amount of space, and are easy to sort through.

Decorations & Decor

For your holiday decorations or just your décor odds and ends, we suggest installing a shelf fit for large plastic containers.  These are the things that are easy to toss in a box, and store on a shelf.  Just remember to sort them by categories.  Each of these storage containers should display a label, so at a glance, it’s easy to decipher their contents.  Examples of categories may be “Holiday Lights”, “Ski Accessories”, “Kids Room”, “Picture Frames”, etc..


They are bulky and big.  Left on their own they’re likely to take up a room.  The only simple solution when it comes to bikes are hangers.  Store these vertically on one tire, or stack them on top of each other with a rack system.

Tools & Crafts

If you don’t yet have a tool bench – now’s the time to install one.  Tool benches are the only way to store small screws, nails, drill bits, and appliances without losing anything.  And because of their various slots, drawers, and hangers – these double great as craft stations!

For help starting your spring off right, give Handyman Matters a call, 866-FIX-MY-HOME!  We can help install organizational solutions, hang larger items, or make seasonal repairs.  Learn more about our handyman services.

Entrepreneur on Handyman Matters, Franchising, and Millennials

Jonathan Barnett – Oxifresh

This past week, Handyman Matters was interviewed by the online publication, Entrepreneur, in a story about the next generation of franchise owners: Millennials.  Not surprisingly, Handyman Matters was chosen as a featured company.  As a home improvement franchise who sees the potential in attracting a younger audience, Handyman Matters has been able to welcome its youngest owner yet, at just 29 years old.  The IFA has even begun taking extra steps to entice Millennials.  At their annual convention this year, there was an entire presentation track devoted to recruiting young entrepreneurs.

As Handyman Matters CEO, Andy Bell sees it,

It’s a calculated risk going into a franchise… But Millennials are young enough that they have an attitude that everything is recoverable. They are not averse to risk. They take the caution out of running a business. They’re becoming wildly successful because they don’t pause when making critical decisions.

To find out more about this new generation of risk takers click here.

How To Mount A Flat Screen TV


So, you bought a beautiful, new, slim, HD TV for your home.  Nowadays, you no longer have to think about entertainment systems, because with flat screen TVs, just pick a spot on the wall! This article will help you with placement and technique, so you can have a seamlessly hung television.

Things you will need:

  1. Step 1 – Prep Your TV

    Rest your TV on the floor and look on the back for the mounting holes. Sometimes these are covered with plastic caps – if this is the case, use a flat head screwdriver to pop them out.  With the bolts from the mounting kit, carefully hand screw the mounting arm into the holes.  It’s best not to use a power screw driver as this can over tighten and strip the bolts.

  2. Step 2 – Placement

    Now that your TV is ready to go, head to the wall in which you would like it mounted.  Things to think about when picking a spot on the wall might be: what is the best position from all of the furniture in the room?  Is there a lot of glare?  What is eye level for the people in the room?

    Find a general area and grab your stud finder.  This is the most important step in the process – finding a reinforced spot on the wall is key to avoiding future damage.  Once you find two studs, locate the center of them with a pencil and hammer a nail in to confirm that it is a stud.

  3. Step 3 – Adhering the Bracket

    Measure the distance between the holes on the bracket, and then draw them on the wall over the studs that you just measured.  Now with your drill start the hole for the bracket.  Once that is ready, match the bracket up to the wall, and drill it in.

  4. Step 4 – You’re Almost Done

    Find a partner, pick up the TV, and have them guide the arm.  Keep holding the TV until they fasten the arm into the wall bracket.  Slowly release to make sure it is firmly secured in.  And, voila! You are done.

Maintaining a home requires a lot of free time and work.  If you’d like to get your to-do list done, while still maintaining your weekends – give Handyman Matters a call at 866-FIX-MY-HOME.  We can help hang fixtures, complete your repairs, or any other home improvement task on the horizon.

Keith Orr, Veteran & HMM Franchise Owner, was Featured in Franchising USA!

Keith Orr

In September of 2013, Keith Orr opened a Handyman Matters franchise in Northern Delaware.  After serving in the military for more than 2 decades, Orr was able to translate his military experience into another meaningful profession.

“The military taught me the value of hard work, how to follow systems and the best ways to react to changing circumstances on the fly,” Orr said. “All of these skills would become essential in preparing me well for the rigors of my transition to civilian life.”

Read more about Keith Orr’s  background, experience as a veteran, and journey to opening a Handyman Matters franchise in this month’s issue of Franchising USA.