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Interior/Exterior Carpentry Needs? Call Handyman Matters

  • Our company offers specialized service for interior carpentry needs, from big projects to installation of elegant trim for that “finishing touch.”
  • We also deliver incredible results for exterior carpentry projects such as wraparound decking, decorative and functional shutters and much more.
  • Our highly-trained craftsmen will increase the beauty and value of your home through quality woodworking results and quick turnaround times.
  • We offer extensive experience and a background of thousands of satisfied clients, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

Craftsmen that work with Handyman Matters have not only passed a rigorous background check, they are committed to furthering their skill through ongoing training. This means that regardless of the project you call Handyman Matters for, you’ll receive world-class service and results that will inspire envy in your friends and neighbors. Handyman Matters covers an impressively wide range of home carpentry needs, including base and crown molding, custom closet shelving and organizer installations, blinds and more. In addition to these decorative and functional projects, our company also services important renovation and new builds needs such as insulation, cabinets and exterior soffits.

Avoid DIY Disasters: Call The Pros

Homeowners often tackle ambitious carpentry projects personally, only to realize after hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours that they’ve made a big mistake. Handyman Matters offers an efficient and affordable alternative, freeing up your schedule for important appointments and other home improvement efforts. Each carpentry specialist employed by a Handyman Matters franchisee has the technical skills, experience and specialized tools needed for precise, durable results you can count on. No one, after all, wants to live with an off-center counter or crooked closet shelf.

The Best Carpentry Choice in Asheville

When it comes to home repair, bigger is better – more experience, more locations and more training with an affordable price tag is the Handyman Matters way. Your home’s carpentry deserves the “red carpet” treatment, so let us show you why we're known for leaving our competitors in the "sawdust." To experience the Handyman Matters difference, give our Asheville office a call at 828-698-5541 today. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying top-of-the-line carpentry results without needing to lift a finger!