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Safeway Safety Step

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Handyman Matters Offers Installation Of Affordable Safeway Safety Step Products!

When it comes to improving bathtub accessibility, the conventional method of a major renovation can seem daunting and expensive for many consumers. Handyman Matters, a preferred installer of Safeway Safety Step bathtub accessibility products, is focused on educating senior citizens, people with disabilities and caregivers that, in many cases, conventional methods are extreme and no longer necessary. With the installation of our innovative accessibility products, consumers can eliminate a costly and inconvenient construction project while delivering greater and safer bathtub accessibility in only a few hours.

bathtub accessibility

Products installed by Handyman Matters include the Safeway Step®, a patented product that converts an existing bathtub into a permanent walk-in shower, providing seniors and people with disabilities easier and safer access to a shower. The Safeway Tub Door®, adds a water?tight sealable door to an existing bathtub for easier access. Installation includes cutting and removing a section of the existing tub and custom fitting the resulting opening with a door unit. This solution offers caregivers and multi-generational homes with improved access to the bathtub while maintaining the full functionality of the tub.

accessible bathtubs

Benefits and features of the Handyman Matter’s bathtub modifications include:

  • Options with and without a water-tight door
  • Eliminates the need to remove the existing tub.
  • Provides easier access into bath/shower area.
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls and creates a safer bathing environment.
  • Typically installed in less than half a day.
  • Options that fit your needs and financial concerns

Safeway Safety Step

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