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EZ Access Ramps

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EZ Access Ramps

Nothing is more important than your safety! A proper evaluation of your home is the first necessary step that must be taken before any modifications can be thoroughly considered. We will take accurate measurement of the vertical heights of all thresholds and steps, both inside and outside your home. We will go over any major obstacles, and together we can determine the right EZ Access Ramp solution for you!EZ access ramps

It matters very much where your ramp is made, how it is designed and tested, and who is standing behind it. Here is a note from the manufacturer of our aluminum ramp line that we have available to you.

As the leader of access solutions for more than 25 years, we understand that safety and reliability are your primary concerns when it comes to selecting the right ramp. We believe it matters very much where the ramp is made, how it is designed and tested, and who is standing behind it.

Our ramps are manufactured right here in the US. We manufacture both in Kentucky and Washington State. During development each ramp model is validated twice – once by wheelchair accessible rampsinternal testing and once by an independent laboratory, and is backed by our warranty. Unfortunately, not all aluminum ramps live up to these standards. Ramps with manufacture origins in Southeast Asia for example, may not adhere to the same rigorous design, testing and manufacturing criteria.

We are happy to have a partner like Handyman Matters, because we know they take care of their customers. They will ensure that your needs are met, and the options you may have to choose from. If you are considering any sort of modification for Aging in Place, make sure you call your local Handyman Matters!

EZ Access

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