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Handyman Matters Preferred Pricing

Handyman Matters preferred pricingHandyman Matters performs all work through our preferred pricing format. We've adopted this model in direct response to our customer feedback. In short, we listen to our customers! Here's an idea of how our handyman pricing works:

We disclose all charges ahead of time which means you know exactly how much we charge for our services.
We are ready to work when we arrive onsite.
There is a small service charge to get the craftsman to the property.
Charge hourly with a one-hour minimum and then billing continues in 15 minute increments.
Provide services during our one-hour minimum which means you don't have to use us longer than an hour.
Charge for ACTUAL hours worked which means you don't have to pay for inflated estimate hours.
We can purchase any materials that will be needed or you can get them.
You are only charged for the actual man hours it takes to complete your project.
We do not ask for any payment upfront.
We offer a one year guarantee on all work performed.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our craftsmen are employees with the company and have had extensive background checks for your safety.