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Work That Is Valued

When you are working at Handyman Matters you will find out that not every day is going to be the same. From plumbing and flooring to drywall and painting, every day will bring a new adventure. Each franchisee will get to know what projects you feel comfortable doing and what projects you don’t. You don’t have to worry about being thrown into a project you think you will not fully succeed in. With this being said, if you want to learn and grow throughout the years, mastering different services, we would love to assist and help you succeed. We are dedicated to the development of each other, value the work that is done and offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

The opportunity to grow and learn is rampant here at Handyman Matters. We believe that there is a big opportunity to learn from other handymen and help each other grow. Growing is an aspect of the job we see as very important. You will have the opportunity to manage more projects as time goes on and learn to be a leader. We are dedicated to the development of each other and know and realize our obligations in our jobs and accept our responsibilities for our actions. We expect and accept coaching in and make business decisions through experience and good judgment.

We pride ourselves in the relationships that have been built throughout our existence. The relationship between the customer and employee is an important aspect of the way our business is run. We place an emphasis on communicating clearly with each other and our customers for the best results. We want our customers to be loyal and the first impression/job is the way that happens. We hope you offer ethical, responsible, and professional treatment to the customer because the first small project you do could domino into more jobs. We want the customer’s first instinct when they have a home repair problem to be, “I need to call Handyman Matters”.