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Our Culture

Handyman Matters has been a leading provider in handyman services for almost two decades now. Working at Handyman Matters will provide you with rigorous, yet rewarding home repair needs. Joining our team would mean that you are joining a national company dedicated to ethical, professional, and responsible treatment of customers and our employees alike. Our craftsmen are highly motivated, talented, multi-skilled, tradesmen who possess a strong will to succeed. We place an emphasis on communicating clearly and effectively with each other, our suppliers and our customers. All employees are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.

The handyman industry is compiled with different types of handymen. Handyman Matters strives to be an integral and dynamic participant in each community it serves by creating respect for the employees of the company and bringing safety, reliability and integrity to the handyman industry. When the employer is giving a customer or employee his or her word we want to live by that word. The trust we build within the culture is relayed through the business and eventually ends up at the customer. Handyman Matters is a growing company that is rooted with employee and customer satisfaction.

We treat our employees, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect. We understand the value of their time and value their every contribution. Handyman Matters supports each others efforts, are loyal to one another and help employees strike a healthy balance in their relationship with family and work obligations.

For more than 15 years we have hired reliable, customer service oriented handymen. We hire handymen who have experience in many different aspects of the industry, who go through an intensive background check to provide the best outcome for our customers. When people look at our brand we want them to think about the positive experience they had, whether it was a small repair or a large remodel.