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The Employer of Choice

When searching for an employer, there are many different obstacles to overcome and requirements that are searched for. Here at Handyman Matters we treat our employees with the utmost respect and be sympathetic to their personal situations because we truly believe that you should treat others the way that you want to be treated. We offer fair compensation and benefits, to pro-long your existence with the company. The opportunity for a pay raise is always up for discussion because we value that work that is being done. Our Franchisees promote teamwork within the franchise and will offer a helping hand whenever needed. The habitat that you will be working in is based on relationships and we believe that having a quality team will provide the customer with exceptional quality work and customer service. This is a product of the motivation that the franchisee delivers throughout the employment. Handyman Matters has fostered itself a family atmosphere to show the warmth and closeness we want you to have with the customers as well!

The customer, employee relationship is something that we pride ourselves on. We believe that the customer should be satisfied beyond their expectations. This starts with showing up on time to the job, setting clear expectations, being friendly and courteous, while still provided them with high quality service. We are dedicated to satisfying the customers’ needs and honoring commitments that we have made. We always seek the solution which is in the best interest of the customer. Handyman Matters show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication in every aspect of the business.

All craftsmen are full or part time employees and we offer a company-provided cell phone, liability and workers compensation insurance coverage, bi-weekly paychecks, one week vacation after a year and national health insurance may be offered after 90 days. Regular evaluations and pay raises will be performed and we hope you will become a long-standing member of the Handyman Matters System.