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Benefitting The Community

When looking at a company outside in you expect to see ethical views as well as a vision that is aligned morally. At Handyman Matters we like to not only help our employees, franchisors, and customers, but we like to give back to society. We pride ourselves with quality craftsmanship, which is why when a tragedy hits we are there to help. We want our employees to have the chance to cultivate relationships and have meaningful experiences in the greater community.

One of the core values of The Handyman Matters Business isn’t just about making a better life for the families, the employees, and the franchises; it’s about looking at the community in which we make our living and raise our kids, and finding ways to share this dream with others.

Giving back to the community is strongly advised from each employee. We want to have a positive impact on society and believe that the way we do business reflects a positive image of our company.

We respect our military and one of our franchises in Aurora, CO teamed up with a family to help assist their father in need. The friendly and polite Christopher (35) is a retired Staff Sergeant who uses a cane and walker to get around, due to back and neck injuries he suffered when an IED exploded on his final patrol in Afghanistan.  Chris is a 14-year army veteran. Handyman Matters was only too happy to help Rebuilding Together by providing an EZ Access modular ramp at cost to the Christopher and Stefanie.