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When you come to work with Handyman Matters, you are joining a national company dedicated to the ethical, responsible, and professional treatment of our customers and our employees alike. We perform rigorous skills, customer service, and background checks. All craftsmen are full or part time employees and we offer a company-provided cell phone, liability and workers compensation insurance coverage, bi-weekly paychecks, one week vacation after a year and national health insurance may be offered after 90 days. We perform regular evaluations and pay raises and hope you will become a long-standing member of the Handyman Matters System.

Skills Profile

When filling out your skills profile & tool inventory worksheet, please be accurate and honest about your abilities. Your workload will be based on this information. We want to keep you busy, but we don't want to book you on a job you aren't skilled or tooled to complete. Check the appropriate column to indicate the efficiency level you have for each skill.

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Background Check Authorization

We require that all prospective employees undergo a background check