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Working at Handyman Matters

Handyman Matters has been a leading provider in the handyman industry for over 15 years. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and employee happiness. Our team consists of reliable, customer service oriented handymen. We hire handymen who have experience in many different aspects of the industry. Each handyman goes through an intensive background check to provide guarnteed customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to the development of each other and know and realize our obligations in our jobs and accept our responsibilities for our actions. Handyman Matters wants you to be a part of our team!

Skills Profile

When filling out your skills profile & tool inventory worksheet, please be accurate and honest about your abilities. Your workload will be based on this information. We want to keep you busy, but we don't want to book you on a job you aren't skilled or tooled to complete. Check the appropriate column to indicate the efficiency level you have for each skill.

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Background Check Authorization

We require that all prospective employees undergo a background check